How Well Do You Handle Your Inner Critic?

by | Dec 13, 2017

Most of us have an Inner Critic, an internal “voice” that judges our actions or inaction, tells us what’s wrong with us and how we should or should not be. This constant judging can lead to exhausting feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety. While it’s difficult, it is not impossible, to silence the critic completely, there are ways to tame or “bust” it.

Answer these true/false questions to discover how well you handle your Inner Critic.

Set 1

  1. I can’t seem to do anything right and feel depressed and incapacitated by the constant nagging, judging voice inside me.
  2. Often I don’t necessarily realize I’m at the effect of my Inner Critic, and then compare myself to others and never quite measure up. I feel inadequate.
  3. Just when I’m about to embark on something new and exciting, such as a job or relationship, my Inner Critic kicks up doubt and fear to prevent me from pursuing the opportunity.
  4. I have difficulty staying in the present moment because my internal judging voice loudly takes over, dictating what I should and shouldn’t do.
  5. Because of that voice, I second-guess my choices and actions and don’t trust myself. As a result, I worry that I’ll make a big mistake and something bad will happen.

Set 2

  1. I see my Inner Critic as a misguided ally who wants to help or protect me. I look for the positive intention behind what it says and embrace that rather than the negative message.
  2. I’ve gotten to know the themes my Inner Critic harps on, so I can distinguish those voices from other more useful internal dialogue.
  3. It’s helpful to notice when my Inner Critic is present. I breathe deeply and center myself to release fear and anxiety and return to a more peaceful place.
  4. Giving my critical inner voices funny names and descriptions —such as Taskmonster or Paula Perfectionist—helps me diminish their power and not take them seriously.
  5. As I’ve become skilled at handling the Inner Critic, it bothers me less often. I still hear it sometimes, but I don’t believe what it says and it rarely affects me adversely.

So whats next…

If you answered true more often in Set 1 and false more often in Set 2, you may wish to learn some effective ways to handle your Inner Critic. Imagine what would your life would be like if that nagging voice inside of you was not there anymore, the one that holds you back or make you small?   What if there was nothing stopping you from knowing your dreams and writing them in to the next chapter of your life? Find out by claiming Your Free 60-minute “Bust Your Inner Critic” Coaching Session by Clicking HERE

Let’s be serious… if your inner critic is in your way… you know it


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