One of the building blocks of empowerment is to establish a daily practice. I believe it doesn’t matter what practice you choose, as long as you choose or find what works and is sustainable for you.

The “Limitless Self Dare to Rest Dragon Meditation” is one possible daily practice.

This guided meditation technique is designed to plant your intention in the fertile ground of your unconscious mind, to instill awareness of your soul’s (or higher self) communication with you, and to give you a chance to meet and greet the archetypal energy of the Dragon.

To create an intention for the meditation, reflect on what you want to create in your life. Use these reflections to create a statement starting with “I am” or “I feel.” Your intention can be updated at any time as you discover new things about yourself and your relationship with your dragon.



~ Present tense
~ Brief and powerful
~ Not directly driven by outcome
~ In alignment with your feelings & values
~ In words that resonate for you

For example: “I am well rested,” OR “I feel pride in my accomplishments,” OR “I am worthy.”


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