Shadow Wisdom Coaching Program

You are a powerful woman

who still finds yourself questioning your choices, doubting yourself, or feeling unworthy. You are already skillfully navigating your life, and juggling all that life is providing you, career, family, romantic relationships, AND still those internal and external barriers persist. Are you ready to step into your power — fully, authentically, and unapologetically so that your brilliance can be expressed?

Coaching with me provides

a unique opportunity to let go of the limiting beliefs that impedes you and using cutting edge methods you will realize and own the Kick A$$ women that you are.

In this program you will:

  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back from fully being your authentic self.
  • See, understand and transform the shadows that get in your way and come to love all that you are.
  • Remove internalized biases (like the inner glass ceiling) and experience limitless living.
  • Find and activate your “trigger removal tool” to assist you in eliminating that which negatively influence your actions and interactions so that you can realize your gifts and your power.
  • Become a powerful manifestrix of dreams and desires.
  • Put an end to lifelong patterns that are not serving you and see them with new clarity and understanding.
  • Develop the inner support you need to shift limiting patterns and beliefs.
  • Release resentment and find forgiveness.
  • Safely access your inner warrior and gain new power and confidence.
  • Transform your Inner Critic to an Inner Ally.
  • Transform your “Inner Patriarchal voice” to one of Empowerment.
  • Accessing more of your Life Force and Joy.

Shadow Wisdom Coaching,

which incorporates Shadow Work(™),Transformational Coaching techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Mindfulness tools, is a powerful way to get clarity on how your internal glass ceiling -internalized limiting beliefs that are intrinsic to the world we live in- creates obstacles in your life, learn how to break through it, clarify your true needs and wants, and create the goals and plans you need to bring it all to fruition. I design my coaching programs to meet each client where they are, so you can be sure to receive the attention and care YOU need to make the positive changes you’re seeking.


You will get access to the full Shadow Types Survey. Understanding your Shadow Type is like pushing down on the accelerator of your personal growth journey. It’s a powerful tool in learning how to love all parts of yourself and others. It will be one of the foundations of the coaching program.

This program allows for a deep dive into the understanding of what motivates you and how your internal biases (like your internal glass ceiling) and limiting beliefs stops you in your tracks. It allows the space and time to achieve lasting transformation in the places you desire most to be changed.


I would recommend this to anyone on the path to soul growth and continued evolution. It’s a very unique way to uncover the deeper hidden parts of ourselves.

~ Laura Tam

It gave me the opportunity to embrace all my side’s as well as uncover some deeper shadows that were hidden. If it wasn’t for the Shadow Types Survey and going through it I don’t believe they would have ever been noticed. It’s as if my shadows set up a challenge for me to find them.

~ Natalie

It’s beyond fascinating and reminds you of a mix of psychology and spirituality. I encountered so many ah-ha moments understanding why I feel the way I do about certain things, and also how I choose to think.

~ Anna

After getting back the results from the Shadow type survey I was honestly blown away yet at the same time felt confirmed, by confirming this deeper connection that I’ve felt I have with myself, it made me feel whole.

~ L. B.

I found the Shadow Types model and the session with Karin so helpful. The model itself very accessible and practical and Karin brings a beautiful balance of creating a supportive atmosphere where she reflects back and affirms your gifts whilst at the same sharing, in a very non-shaming way, how your less developed sides might hold you back and she gives highly practical suggestions for ways to develop these sides. I enjoyed our session and felt inspired and energized to go forward and live the fullest version of me!

~Jayne B.

Wow, just finished a breakthrough session with Karin. It was a day of diving deep into some of my lingering limiting beliefs and emotions that can still keep me from living my life fully. I learned a lot, felt held by Karin every step of the way and left with a sense of deep peace and focus. I would highly recommend this process with her. There is always so much more to learn and heal. She really is a gifted guide! Thanks Karin!

~ Junie Moon Schriber

Working with Karin has been amazing! I reached out to her because I was going through a transitional period in my life. I was experiencing frustration, overwhelmed, and on the verge of a burnout figuring out how to pivot from my career into my business full-time. Karin guided me through the Shadow work process and it completely changed the way I view this “new endeavor”. I have learned a lot about myself in the process, which is healing in itself. Now, when I sense frustration or overwhelmed surfacing, I know to pause, sit and go within. Karin’s wisdom has been instrumental in learning to trust myself again. I am truly grateful for her work :-).

~ Kounthea Richards

Working with Karin has been life-changing (and I’m not the kind of person who says that kind of thing very often). For years I’ve worked on hard skills to become a more effective manager / leader / professional. However, it was really clear that was a huge gap between who I was vs who I wanted to be, and learning new skills wasn’t closing that gap.

I went to a seminar and learned about shadow work and talked to several potential coaches, but it wasn’t until I spoke to Karin that I found someone who was really able to help me extract the issues I needed to face head-on.
In just a few months of coaching with Karin, I can tell I’m a better leader, a better mentor, a better wife, a better mom & all around just a better version of myself.

If you are trying to get to the next level of personal growth I strongly recommend working with Karin.

~ Natalie Henley

With Karin’s work and support, I have found freedom in exploring myself and working towards my goals no matter how big or small. We started with my goal of finding more joy in my life and what has occurred is that and so much more. When someone hears the word shadow work it can sound intense and perhaps scary. With a guide like Karin, you will find so much trust, support, and love that you feel safe to look at those places that need just that. My life has been and will continue to be forever changed by her. I highly recommend her.

~ Willa Tree

After ending a 20 year marriage, I believed my opportunity for having a true partnership had passed.  Working with Karin, for one day, shifted my entire energy field around receiving exactly the love that would work for me.  I naturally and peacefully stepped out of relationships that didn’t work, and in doing so, my energetic field opened up to invite the love of all of my lives into this plane.  Without working with Karin, the process of meeting my current partner could have taken many more years.  Karin’s guidance is practical, it works, and transforms minds and lives.

~ L. E.

Private Coaching  includes:

  • 2  coaching sessions per month via Zoom or phone for 6 months.
  • Journaling questions for in-between sessions to deepen the transformation.
  • Learn how to rewrite your limiting stories to empowering narratives!
  • Access to the Shadow Types Survey
  • Email access to me.
  • 1/2 price on Shadow Work Seminar offered by Karin.
  • 1/2 price on a Breakthrough VIP day.

Shadow Wisdom Coaching Program

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Shadow Type Survey

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