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to uncover your inner gold, access its potential and liberate the energy trapped in what you hide, repress and deny! You will have an opportunity to do an individual process which allow you to —

    • Shift old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you
    • Access and Transform anger into power
    • Transmute grief into a deep connection with yourself and others
    • Turn fear into insight and understanding
    • Find compassion, empathy, and acceptance.

This seminar offers you an opportunity to work with your shadow and to reclaim disowned gifts and talents. If you have a primary partner, you may find that attending together will strengthen your relationship.

As we grow up we learn that certain aspects

of ourselves are unacceptable to the people around us. Maybe we were shamed or punished for crying or being angry. Maybe we were ridiculed for wanting attention or acting proud of ourselves. So, we learned to repress those slices of our personality; the ones that got us hurt. Those repressed and forgotten parts are your Shadows, and if you ignore them, they will run your life.

    • Do you have success in your life, but can’t stop comparing yourself to others and always feel lacking?
    • Do you have difficulty making decisions in life, large or small?
    • Do you work hard, but feel like it’s never good enough?
    • Do you feel powerless to create the life you want?

When we begin to pay attention and acknowledge the reality of our inner dynamic, we can take back control of our lives. Shadow Work provides a great opportunity to dig deep, discover the archetypal characters that have been controlling our actions and thoughts and uncover what we truly need and want in our lives—and then it provides the transformational means to create it.

A Shadow Work® Seminar offers an opportunity

do “centerwork,” meaning an individual process in the center of the group, during which you explore a life issue with the help of the facilitators and the attention of the group. Your centerwork process begins when you answer the question, “What do you want to have happen?” Then the facilitators, using the Shadow Work® tools, help you deconstruct your issue, so that you can view the shadow objectively. With your choice, they can suggest new perspectives and facilitate powerful techniques for transforming and reintegrating the energy of the shadow.

You can also attend a seminar without doing centerwork, and still have a transformational experience. You will be guided to explore your shadows through the lens of the archetypes, Sovereign, Lover, Magician and Warrior. And as you watch and support work done by others, you will share in the transformation of shadows similar to your own as well as increase your capacity for compassion, empathy, and acceptance. Many people choose this option for their first weekend.

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Wow, just finished a breakthrough session with Karin. It was a day of diving deep into some of my lingering limiting beliefs and emotions that can still keep me from living my life fully. I learned a lot, felt held by Karin every step of the way and left with a sense of deep peace and focus. I would highly recommend this process with her. There is always so much more to learn and heal. She really is a gifted guide! Thanks Karin!

~ Junie Moon Schriber

After ending a 20 year marriage, I believed my opportunity for having a true partnership had passed.  Working with Karin, for one day, shifted my entire energy field around receiving exactly the love that would work for me.  I naturally and peacefully stepped out of relationships that didn’t work, and in doing so, my energetic field opened up to invite the love of all of my lives into this plane.  Without working with Karin, the process of meeting my current partner could have taken many more years.  Karin’s guidance is practical, it works, and transforms minds and lives.

~ L. E.

Face Your Dragon

The live, online co-ed training is a 7-week journey that provides a path to face, understand and navigate resistance in our lives. When honored, The Dragon gifts us the energy and clarity to create a purposeful, self-directed life.


CREATRIX: Face Your Dragon 7 for Women

This 7-week online course is designed specifically after feedback from Face Your Dragon. At your request I created a space where women can safely work to create energy, agency, and audacity in their lives and relationships.


Shadow Work® Seminar

Your shadow is the part of yourself that you can’t see. The things you have “decided” you cannot and will not be. A Shadow Work Seminar is a weekend of acknowledging and transforming those parts of your character.


Limitless Self

Access the power of Yoga Nidra and wake up to your limitless potential in this 8-week program. During this program you will do the single most difficult thing a woman can do: take time for yourself and rest.

Unsure which path is right for you? Contact me to learn more. Together we can determine the best course of action for you.

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