Personal Breakthrough Session


All you need is skillful guidance, genuine support, and the right tools to help you get there.

And it doesn’t have to take months, years, or even days.

You can achieve powerful and profound changes in your life in just a matter of HOURS.

And if you don’t, I’ll give you your ENTIRE INVESTMENT back!

That’s right. You WILL experience massive insights and profound change as a result of our time together. I guarantee it!

“Personal Breakthrough Session: Pedal to the metal on your personal growth journey”

A VIP Personal Breakthrough Session

is a powerful intensive full day transformational process to discover what holds you back – and eliminate it!

I consider this a super-charged transformational empowerment experience that can be used to focus on any area of your life and is an especially powerful way to break through the inner glass ceiling in your professional life.

You can choose to focus on any area of your life an and I find this session especially powerful way to break through the inner glass ceiling

It is a quick and long lasting way to achieve the important, compelling, and meaningful changes in your personal or professional development.

As a result of this session you can expect to feel a deep sense of relief and freedom, have more confidence in your abilities, and experience a joy and ease you probably haven’t felt in years. That’s because the proven processes and techniques gently and deeply move you away from unconscious mindset blocks (shadows) and into a free and exciting way of living.

What Can You Achieve In A Personal Breakthrough Session?

A Breakthrough session will provide you with the opportunity to reach the success you want in any area of your life.

A Personal Breakthrough Session can:

  • Bring you out of a temporary dip in accomplishments.
  • Enable significant performance improvements, leading to promotions and increased earnings!
  • Take your relationships to a new level
  • Be helpful if you find yourselves with issues or problems that are persistent and have been resistant to other methods.
  • Improve your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and body
  • Get you out of any ruts, you may have been in
  • Remove Beliefs you hold that are limiting your success (e.g. I’m not good enough, I fear rejection, I’m scared of failure)
  • Resolve internal conflicts that are draining and enable yourself to get clarity and find decision making much easier

Here are some results people have reported that they got from attending a breakthrough sessions:

  • More Self Confidence
  • Improved Decisions Making
  • Becoming Efficiency At Work and at Home
  • Healthier Relationships
  • Increased Self Motivation
  • More Stress resilience
  • Less impeded by their Fears
  • No longer stuck in Procrastination
  • Removing Negativity From Past
  • A New Positive Outlook In Life
  • Incorporated A More Useful
  • Direction In Life
  • A deep sense of relief and freedom.
  • A strong sense of Joy and Ease not felt in years if ever.

This proven process and technique powerfully and deeply move you away from mindset blocks and into a free and exciting way of living.


Wow, just finished a breakthrough session with Karin. It was a day of diving deep into some of my lingering limiting beliefs and emotions that can still keep me from living my life fully. I learned a lot, felt held by Karin every step of the way and left with a sense of deep peace and focus. I would highly recommend this process with her. There is always so much more to learn and heal. She really is a gifted guide! Thanks Karin!

~ Junie Moon Schriber

After ending a 20 year marriage, I believed my opportunity for having a true partnership had passed.  Working with Karin, for one day, shifted my entire energy field around receiving exactly the love that would work for me.  I naturally and peacefully stepped out of relationships that didn’t work, and in doing so, my energetic field opened up to invite the love of all of my lives into this plane.  Without working with Karin, the process of meeting my current partner could have taken many more years.  Karin’s guidance is practical, it works, and transforms minds and lives.

~ L. E.


During your Power Breakthrough Rejuvenation Session, I will take you through a powerful and proven process using NLP Timeline Therapy, Mental and Emotional Release and Shadow Work® that will help you identify and move past the blocks that stop you from living the life you want. These sessions are tailored to your unique circumstance, which means you decide whatever personal changes you desire to make in your self to achieve your goals in your personal or professional lives

____Health and Fitness
____Love and Romance
____Friends and Family
____Creativity and Fun
____Personal Environment
____Personal Growth
____O know what I want in all areas of my life and I am actively in the process to create the life I want.


We’ll meet by either:

  • Zoom (or other video conferencing)
  • In-person (if you’re nearby or traveling near where I live, we’ll coordinate this!)

We’ll spend about 8 hours together, identifying issues, challenges, thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you in that area of your life, then do deep releasing on them and make a plan for moving forward.

1 full day  or  2 half-day sessions  includes:

  • A 1-hour check in call to to discuss what you want from the session
  • A full 6 to 8 hour day or 2 half-days of Breakthrough sessions (can also be done in person)
  • A 1-hour follow up call
  • Options to schedule follow up coaching


If you’re tired of giving into the negativity and stress that keeps you from moving forward in your life and ready to do something about it, set up your free no-obligation consultation today.

Imagine how much your life could change within just a few hours.

If you say any of the below to yourself, then a Breakthrough Session can help:

  • If I could find a way to …
  • I Just can’t let go of it …
  • I just can’t do this or that – I’ve tried, but I just can’t stop doing it …
  • Why do I keep doing that?
  • On the one hand I want this, but on the other hand, I want that
  • I can’t deal with it now; it’s just too painful …
  • I wonder how people overcome such problems …
  • I wish I could …
  • I don’t know why I feel this way …

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