Face Your Dragon: Agency

by | Jan 5, 2021

I just finished teaching, alongside David Kaar, our first 7-week Face Your Dragon program online. We have taught this class in person but this was our first time teaching it since the pandemic began. I was hesitant and nervous not knowing how it would translate in an online format, but it turned out even better than I hoped for!


This course deep dives into shifting the energy that holds us back from our true desires, and watching the transformation of the participants is amazing! The gift of offering the course online, is we benefit from the length of time we have to offer it — 7 weeks rather than a full weekend– which in turn, allows for those taking the course to experience the benefit of real integration, allowing the time for them to study, work the exercises, ask questions, and journal about their experiences throughout the two months.


The three primary themes that connect to the Dragon teachings are Agency, Audacity, and Energy.

The dictionary describes Agency as an ‘action or intervention’. Agency is about independence, autonomy, acting on behalf of yourself and for yourself. The trouble is if you’ve still got shadows lurking around that you haven’t addressed, they are telling you to listen to your fear. ‘Why risk it?’ ‘The status quo is fine’, ‘you don’t need to trouble yourself with all of that’, and the one that lies deep in your subconscious, ‘’you can lean on others for your approval’. Really??


There’s that fear again…
There’s no doubt that our fears are what keeps most of us from agency:
“I might be rejected”
“I might get my heart broken (or break my own heart)”
“I might not be able to afford the lifestyle I want”
“I might not have enough money”
“I might fail”
“I will feel shame”
“I will be a nothing”


We’ve all got them and most of us have a difficult time pushing through them on our own. Until we address our fears of failing, of never being enough, of never achieving our deepest desires,
we will remain stuck. Moving through these challenges can be achieved through shadow work, therapy, or voice dialogue, Whichever method used, discovering and making friends with our shadows is incredibly important. By facing and accepting whatever our shadows are and coming out the other side — knowing you survived — is where the gold is.


Choosing yourself
The beauty is we have choice, and create meaning in our lives by the choices we make. Accepting our whole selves with integrity and responsibility, not shame, is the key to agency. This is the beginning of our journey to honoring and being the Sovereign of our own lives.


So…What kind of life do you want to live?


(Look for my posts on Audacity and Energy next…)


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