Daring to Rest…and Rise

by | Nov 28, 2020

In June, I posted a blog entitled, “A Well-Rested Woman” about my Limitless Self ~ Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra program. It was a wonderful journey with these women. Their shares affirmed what I already knew about this program — it gives permission to rest your body and mind in order to get quiet. When we do this we discover our “soul whispers” around our life’s purpose.

Limitless Self ~ Daring to Rest takes you through three phases: Rest, Release, and Rise. The Rise, and culminating, phase allows you to lead your life from your most authentic, free, and wild self — to dream big, and to release the final level of exhaustion from your mental and physical states.

This exhaustion is familiar to many of us. Also called “Life-purpose exhaustion” it can manifest from not being in the right job or not pursuing your dream. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not enjoying your life but there is a slow, pervasive drain on your psyche. It becomes increasingly difficult to manage your life well enough to keep from burning out. And too many of us have experienced this burnout before, yes?

This burnout tends to occur in women more than men and there’s a good reason for that. From the mid-19th century until about 1910, hundreds of women were prescribed “rest cures” to help them recover from nerves, headaches, or other inexplicable ailments. Creative women, in particular, received very strict prescriptions, often being told not to get out of bed in order to repress their desires and inspiration and to keep them in a place of domestic subservience.

All the while on the other end of the social spectrum, women were expected to do everything the “resting” women were not allowed to do, in addition to child care, homemaking, or other responsibilities they had in their own life. These women, overwhelmingly poor, and in the United States black, were denied the rest that was being weaponized against their richer counterparts.  

This has given rise to the narrative that rest is an indulgent, lazy thing, and that rest is only earned through hard work ~ Be Busy!

The beauty of yoga Nidra is that you are pointed back to your true nature where you are unapologetically you and is the ideal place to lead from. Here, the well-rested woman can be wild and free to be herself. It is like yoga nidra is cleansing the patriarchal shadows right out of your being!

When you are your truest self you become the change you seek in the world – through your work, home life, and relationships. And this change ripples into the world. It doesn’t matter if you stay at home with your children or you run a business, the formula is the same. This final phase is about asking, “are my choices in harmony with me?”

Yoga Nidra teaches you that when you drop into the deepest state of consciousness– absolute stillness– you remember who you truly are. The challenge is to trust in who you are, even when you’re not practicing yoga Nidra so that you don’t lead from a place of who you are NOT.

If you’re interested in this course in the future, let me know and I will be sure to contact you.

Until then, rest well and dream BIG.





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