[Video] The Authentic Life

by | Dec 20, 2017

Did you see the recent Wonder Woman movie? Like Wonder Woman are you aspire to something greater, to get to the truth of who your authentic self is?   “What one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you’d  think.”

As a conscious entrepreneur, I get it―how hard it can be to be your REAL authentic self and still succeed in a society that seems to prize conventionality in favor of authenticity.

According to Joyce Carol Oates, “Self-criticism is an art not many are qualified to practice.” But we all do practice it, and all too often, we cave in our authenticity because of it. Today we take a journey into the Inner Critic and how it holds us back from skyrocketing our success.

Introducing Aaron

My colleague Aaron Fried from Awakened Astrology decided to host a video training with other inspiring thought leaders who have figured this out the hard way too, with the unified aim to show you how to lead your own authentic life of success.

And I’m really honored that he invited me to be one of the speakers!

Here is the interview – enjoy our conversation on Authenticity where we explore:

  • Ways to to overcome scarcity and find REAL power and prosperity when you are struggling to bring your full LIGHT to the world.
  • How to tap into your unique talents to uplevel your life and magnetize abundance when you are lacking inspiration.
  • Get clear on what you truly want and grow your honest success by living a purpose-driven life.


Highlights from the interview

2:56 min – How do you know you are aligned with your purpose
4:53 min – Why we put “stuff” in shadow
10:54 min – About yearning for your authentic self
11:50 min – How your protector gets in your way
14:06 min – How resistance is showing up
15:44 min – How shadow might show up
17:50 min – The pain of procrastination
26:05 min – How to become aware of your inner critic
27:37 min – The vulnerability of being authentic
34:00 min – The magic that happens when you acknowledge your inner critic
35:52 min – The “truth” about your inner critic
39:40 min – Is the Inner Critic Logical or illogical?
42:58 min – The gold hidden in your shadow


“You are stronger that you believe. You have more power than you know.”  – Said to Wonder woman. Are you ready to tap in to your power?

Click here to set up a free call to see if Shadow Wisdom Coaching could help you tap in to your super powers.


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