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by | Oct 15, 2020

One of the reasons I became a personal coach and shadow work facilitator is because I witnessed my own transformation from this work and know the power it has to move mountains in a person’s life. Since I began my business, I have witnessed many other people who have experienced the same.

Welcome to Shadowland

The concept of shadow work is to recognize when “shadows”, or the voices that hold you back, come up. If you think you’ve never met your shadows before it’s pretty easy– try setting a goal and taking action on it. This is generally when you find them. The inner-doubter will begin a deluge of “what ifs” — ”what if I’m judged, what if I’m not good enough” –until you become overwhelmed with worry, fear, anxiety, etc. These are the shackles that paralyze you from moving forward in your life. Welcome to shadowland!

Power in taking action

There is enormous power in setting a goal and moving towards it. Shadows don’t like change or making waves, they like safety. We don’t see our shadows show up when we aren’t acting because not acting is safe. The problem with safety is stagnation. Taking action towards our goals is an opportunity to see our shadows show up and clarify what they are and why they’re there. In the Shadow Wisdom Coaching Program you get to know them, become familiar with how draining they are to your lifeforce, and clear them out. Once you do that the energy will shift and you will become more aligned with your authentic self.

Sounds good, right?

And this is the biggest reason to uncover what is holding us back — these old, leftover patterns — shackles, really– hold us back from being our true self, our authentically best self, the self we want to be in the world.

When you tap into a bigger vision of yourself, when you put a giant stake in the ground and say “this is what I want!” it’s important to notice what bubbles up. It’s an opportunity to see your obstacles and work through them. Once you do that, more opportunities open up to you because you’re able to transform the energy tied up in your internal blocks and redirect it toward the life you desire.

Life is not about perfection — and thank goodness for that! It’s about being on the right path for you, in order to honor who you are, create abundance and fulfillment, and light your life on fire!

Isn’t it time to dream bigger?

Blessings, Karin


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