Face Your Dragon: Energy

by | Mar 1, 2021

Rest & Renewal

Spring always sparks joy for me and this spring I am especially excited about a training I offer which really speaks to energy as the gold we’ve all been in search of. I recently came to the end of my Limitless Self yoga nidra program which focuses on getting more deep rest in your life in order to fuel your deepest desires. (Sounds good, huh?) It’s deliciously passive work and results in far more restoration and energy than you can imagine.

My other program, Face Your Dragon, is one I wrote about in my two previous blog posts on Agency and Audacity. The third theme that connects to the Dragon teachings is Energy. Energy is the ability to do more in your life and more for yourself in pursuing your dreams. The program teaches us that we must move through the fears and resistance in our lives to live authentically AND with the vibrant energy to do so.

It’s ALL energy

Our desires, our feelings of motivation, our momentum towards our goals give us what we think of as “good” energy. Fear and self-doubt then must be fueled by “bad” energy, right?

What we realize over time is that there is no “good” or “bad” energy, only energy.

The secret is this: The energy you put towards doubts and fears is the same energy you could be using towards your goals and desires. It’s a matter of knowing your shadows, gaining agency, and shifting your perspective.

The myth of the dragon is that you slay it and become the sovereign of your own life. The reality is you can’t slay the dragon, tame it, or domesticate it–you can only face it. Facing the dragon and choosing ourselves over our fears is the biggest hurdle to overcome, but once we do we will have boundless, inspired energy with which to lead our lives.

With energy and love,



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