A Well Rested Woman

by | Jun 12, 2020

One of the things I notice most when working with a new client is the mental and physical exhaustion they suffer around life goals and purpose. They have the drive and ambition, but not the energy to manifest. This is because the mental exhaustion of our day to day lives around what we SHOULD be doing as opposed to what we ARE doing can be profound.


I used to operate like this, believing I was functioning happily in my life and not realizing how fatigued I was having to be the woman I was expected to be which differed from my authentic nature. Living this way clouded my mind, didn’t allow me the energy to be the parent, partner or professional I wanted to be, and kept me from living a whole-hearted, authentic and wildly free life.


Fog and Fatigue

We are usually not aware of how much a toll these shadows and fears can take on our bodies. Particularly for women, we don’t get enough rest as it is, but the mental exhaustion that weighs down on us is rooted in the patriarchal system we all live under. Am I doing enough? Being enough? Giving enough? These questions occupy so much space in our heads that we’re not aware of the constant drain of lifeforce occurring.


A well-rested woman is a happy one

At my peak of exhaustion, I was lucky enough to find Karen Brody’s book Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation, and it transformed my life. Karen says “yoga nidra is an opportunity to lie down and wake up” and I couldn’t agree more. The beauty of yoga nidra is that you are pointed back to your true nature. This is what fuels you, your “juice”, where you are unapologetically you, and is THE ideal place to lead your life from.

We’ve all been hearing in recent times how important our sleep is. In fact, overall our culture is shifting toward a more self-care, rest-centered place. Being well-rested supercharges your energy, your mind, your drive, and your creativity. Particularly for women, it’s as if yoga nidra is cleansing the patriarchal shadows right out of your being!


Sleep = Success

When practicing yoga Nidra, you can’t hide your true nature from yourself, because each time you lie down, you feel who you are in every cell in your body. Yoga Nidra is an affirming and gentle way to awakwen ourselves to our potential and possibilities, to know ourselves deeply, feel confident and, of course, allows us to get the deep rest we need to shine.
Tapping into your big dreams and feeling into your purpose is what I love to help my clients discover. Yoga Nidra is an instrument to create action in our lives. While understanding our fears AND getting good rest. There’s nothing else like it. It’s a game changer.





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