How to Stay Inspired and Inspire Others

by | Apr 14, 2020

Life is hard enough when we don’t have the confidence to see us through uneasy times. It’s difficult for us to not “go negative” when we don’t feel empowered to inspire ourselves, let alone others.

Authentic Confidence
People with authentic confidence have a unique ability to inspire. Confident people are positive, believe in possibilities, and see barriers as minor challenges or obstacles that have to be overcome. This is why confident people attract. They have a “go get ‘em” aura of energy that is infectious. In fact, psychology calls this energy emotional contagion.

The concept is that the emotion of the most powerful person in the room inspires the same emotion in others. And, since confident people are often powerful people, they have the power to inspire others.


Confidence Inspires
Our confidence and lack of confidence can inspire or deflate others, so it is important to be aware of how we carry ourselves. Sometimes just giving a stranger a smile can make both of you feel a bit more confident and more joyful!


Here are some daily journaling questions to inspire inspiration in yourself and others.

  • What can I appreciate/be grateful for about this day?
  • What are the possibilities of this day?
  • What kind word or gesture can I say or do to inspire someone?
  • If my emotions are contagious, what do I want others around me to catch?

By answering these simple questions, you will be inspired and you will inspire others. Don’t waste another moment. A world of confidence is waiting for you!



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