Willa Tree

With Karin’s work and support, I have found freedom in exploring myself and working towards my goals no matter how big or small. We started with my goal of finding more joy in my life and what has occurred is that and so much more. When someone hears the word shadow...

Leila Z

Have you been desiring to move through barriers in your life that keep you feeling stuck or small? I encourage you to try Shadow Work and do the important and powerful work of healing old wounds that no longer serve you. It has been one of the most healing, loving and...

Nicole Colvin-Griffin

This work helped me REMEMBER, I have all the SUPPORT I need, Inside Myself ~ from the Natural World ~ from the Universe ~ to stand in my uninhibited wild joy.

Lin Chandler

Shadow Work as a process that I have experienced is exactly what I needed personally so that I would do that scary thing and look at the wounds, the effect they had and make tough decisions to do the tough thing and move forward without these burdens weighing e...

Natan Alexander

Karin brings a wealth of experience, wisdom, and empathy to her work. You cannot come to this work and not leave it unchanged. “Powerful, beautiful light-working at play”