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Dealing With Difficult People – A Free Introductory Preview

April 26, 2023

Free Online Webinar

How to transform Impossible people into Possible people

Have you ever wondered why difficult people are so difficult?

You know, the ones who…

… leave you frustrated
… derailed the meeting
… created a conflict, or an impasse
… destroys the meeting, leaving you frustrated and with a sense of lost connection
… are always whining and complaining
… leave you feeling bullied and not heard
… you wish could just “get a grip of themselves”
… manipulate you all the time
… drains your energy by their constant need for support, or chaos

Dealing with Difficult People – In Six Easy Steps

How to create psychological safety with acceptance and compassion

In this training we will take you on a journey of all the different ways you can transform a difficult person into an agreeable person, or at least a person you can deal with…

You will learn how to …

… maintain connection in times of stress and difficulty
… de-escalate situation and restore the balance and harmony in any situation
… recognise your perception of the world and why this person is difficult “for you”! 
… be in action vs reaction
… be at choice in your interactions
… move from being in effect to being at cause of the situation
… recognize that their behavior is NOT about you
… identify and use your internal state/reaction as an access to shifting your perception of them and thus be able to shift the dynamic of the situation
… use your “street-read” (your initial judgment such as they are too much, angry, snobby, emotional etc.) of someone as your superpower to transform difficult people into engaged team members, good friends, nice neighbors, and productive colleagues.

You will gain the capacity to have …

…difficult people become people you don’t mind hanging out with, working with, having family dinner with.
… difficult people shift their perception of you, so they want to engage with you in a more positive way.
… transformative interactions, with challenging people, that empower both you and them.

There is a wide range of behaviors that we perceive as being difficult in other people, and in this training we will look at the 12 different types. You will learn how to apply the six steps that will help you to deal with each of the 12 types of difficult people, and enable you to recognize their behavior, de-escalate the situation, and restore balance to the relationship.

Join Karin Green and Mark Broderick for an introductory preview of

Dealing with Difficult People – In Six Easy Steps

Wednesday April 26 at 2pm (EDT) / 11am (PDT) / 6pm (GMT)

In this 90 minute preview, we will show you how to work with one of the 12 types of difficult people.

You will be guided through the 6 easy steps, which will enable you to:

    • identify and shift your perception of them
    • accept and re-frame their view of the situation
    • restore balance and flow to your interaction.


In the preview we will also introduce you to the 12 session training that will start in April.


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Karin Green

Certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator, Certified Shadow Work® Coach, Certified Shadow Work® Trainer and Mentor

Mark Broderick

is a Certified Shadow Types Mentor, Trainer and Senior Practitioner. He is also a certified Shadow Work® Coach, Group Facilitator and Organizational Consultant.