Limitless Self

Dare to Rest Yoga Nidra

4-Steps For Discovering Your Big Dream

Here is a 4-step process for discovering your big dreams with your gold. As you go through this process during week 7, try to do it without focusing on an outcome, focus more on how you can feel whole and birth who you are, your true nature, into everything you do. After choosing one big dream, you may want to use this to create a new intention statement for your yoga Nidra meditation.

Step 1: Create a Soul whispers board or book

During week 7 use the words and images of your soul whisper from the other 6 weeks to create a soul whispers board.

Use a sheet of poster board and glue the words and images from your soul whispers on it.

Another option is to create a soul whispers book. Use a separate piece of paper to express each soul whisper on its own page. Punch holes in the pages to tie them together.

Practice phase 3 rise meditation before you work on your soul whispers board or book each day.

Step 2: Create Your Gold Statement

At the end of week 7 begin to keep your Soul Whispers board or book near the top of your head when you do the Phase 3 Rise meditation.

After the yoga Nidra meditation, put your left hand over your heart and look at the words and images and notice how you feel in your body. Then ask for a song that sums up the soul whispers. You may hear the title of a song, or you may hear lyrics from a song. This song should feel like your theme song at this moment, a positive song that represents the true you. This song title or lyric is your gold statement, summing up the lessons you have received during your first 6 weeks.

On a new sheet of paper or another poster board, draw a tree and write your gold statement (the song’s name or lyrics) on the trunk of the tree. If you hear nothing when you ask for a song, write “I feel … ” on the tree trunk.

Step 3: Create Your Big Dream Statement

Take a deep breath and read your gold statement. Put your hand over your heart, take a slow, deep breath in through your heart, and say to yourself:

Knowing my gold is (state your gold statement), my big dream is …”

Then pause. What do you hear? Write what you receive – no more than one sentence – on a branch growing out of your tree. You can ask for up to three big dreams, if you wish, or stick with one.

Write each big dream you receive on a branch of your tree. Each branch is a big dream for the upcoming year. Make sure each big dream aligns with your gold statement. Each big dream statement must be positive, concise, and from your heart, not your head.

Step 4: Choose one big dream

On the last day of week 7, practice phase three: rise meditation and, immediately afterward, read your big dream(s) for this year.

Then close your eyes and imagine your Council of Women appearing. Put your hand over your heart, close your eyes, and breathe in through your heart. If you have more than one big dream, ask them, “where do I start? Which big dream should I follow?”

If you have a single big dream, simply ask, “where do I start?” Listen to their answers. Don’t overthink this.

Notice what dream you’re guided to start with or what first step you’re guided to take. Pass it through your gut and heart. Does it feel true to you? If so, begin using this big dream statement as the intention for your yoga nidra meditation through the completion of the program (and beyond if that feels right).