Limitless Self

Dare to Rest Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra meditation is “yogic sleep.” Through a series of guided instructions, the body is led into a state of supreme relaxation where the unconscious mind awakens, opening the potential for deep healing and creative energy to flow. This is not an active yoga, you’re lying down the whole time! Initially, Yoga Nidra feels like a really nourishing nap, and ultimately the intention of Yoga Nidra is to liberate a person from suffering.

Forty-five minutes of Yoga Nidra meditation feels like three hours of sleep in the body.


Why Yoga Nidra:

Reduce tension and stress. With today’s connected society we are constantly bombarded with stimulus and impulses, which can easily put us into a state of tension – muscular, emotional, and nervous. There are always more things to do than there is time or energy for, putting us in a constant state of deficit. In Yoga Nidra the mind is relaxed through conscious breathing and body awareness to release this tension.

Relax and train the mind. The unconscious mind thinks in symbols and abstractions. Yoga Nidra helps you communicate with your unconscious mind in a way it understands. During Yoga Nidra meditation, we create deep heartfelt intentions and plant it into the unconscious mind during the state of deep relaxation.

Improve sleep and reduce insomnia. Yoga Nidra takes you into deep relaxation and trains your mind and body to move more easily into a deeper sleep. As a menopausal woman with bouts of insomnia, Yoga Nidra has been invaluable in bringing me restful sleep.

Clear out unconscious conflicts. When growing up we suppress parts of who we are, our wishes, desires, or perceived faults, in order to fit into our family, culture, and society. This often leads to unconscious conflict as our deeper desires want to be expressed, and as our shadows start to become more bothersome. During Yoga Nidra Meditation the practice of visualization brings the unconscious repressed desires, experiences, shadows to the conscious level to be cleared.

Awaken creativity. When the mind is totally relaxed, your awareness slowly enters the deeper realms of the unconscious mind and you become more aware of your creative and intuitive mind. The regular practice of Yoga Nidra helps to make a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind and awakens your creativity.

Enhance memory and learning capacity. When Yoga Nidra meditation is used the change in awareness and visualization increases the capacity for learning and memory. Additionally, reduction in stress allows the brain to work at full efficiency. In this way, the practice of Yoga Nidra meditation involves the total mind in learning.

The Limitless Self Yoga Nidra journey offers an opportunity to examine your protective layers– it acts like a cleansing of your body, mind, and spirit– so you can decide if that protection is still serving you. You no longer need to hide from who you are, and your light can shine through. Instead of being triggered by issues around you and losing your way in the world, Yoga Nidra helps you remember who you are, and frees you up to live in the fullness of your expression, in your Limitless Self.

Blessings, Karin