Limitless Self

Dare to Rest Yoga Nidra

Setting An Intention Worksheet

Your intention is your mission. How do you want to experience life? During Yoga Nidra, we repeat an intention to direct attention to our mission in life. During the meditation, we enter a hypnotic like state, where your unconscious mind is open to receive your intention.

To begin, use the questions below to find an intention. Or start with the intention, ‘I am well-rested” and then listen to your soul whispers that come out of your yoga nidra practice for a deeper intention. Your soul knows your intention.



  • Why are you here today?

  • What do you want most in life?

  • Why do you want this?

  • Does your life give you satisfaction now?

  • What is it you are looking for?

Setting An Intention: Guidelines

Intentions must be:

  • Present tense

  • Brief and powerful

  • Not directly driven by outcome

  • In alignment with your feelings & values

  • In words that resonate for you

Intentions are powerful – keep it simple to remember it easily.